NAPM-Rochester is one of 180 affiliates of ISM [Institute for Supply Management], formerly the National Association of Purchasing Management.  ISM headquarters are located in Tempe, Arizona and has over 47,000 members.  NAPMR has over 300 members.


NAPMR serves as a center of excellence in establishing best-in-class professional standards of competency and conduct for its members, and for matters pertaining to purchasing, materials, research, and education.


Through alliances with its members, other affiliates, and other organizations, NAPMR offers education, certification, research, and management programs to further the understanding and growth of the profession, servicing anyone interested in any phase of purchasing and materials.


NAPMR is a non-profit association governed by it’s bylaws and a Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and committee members all of whom are volunteers.  All day to day activities of the association are accomplished through its volunteers.  At this point the association has no paid staff. NAPMR’s fiscal year starts June 1st and the Program Year runs September through June.





About NAPM-Rochester

     An ISM Affiliate