Success by Association


Ask anyone who has ever become active in a non-profit organization and chances are they will tell you that they get far more out of it than they ever put in.  The experience of helping to run a non-profit organization adds a different perspective to their everyday lives and provides valuable insight into working with other volunteers towards a common goal.  By exercising fiscal responsibility, developing programs and marketing services, the leaders work together to establish and implement both short term and long term objectives.  The result is a combination of experiences and personal development that is difficult to achieve without serving in a policy making position.


It’s a new world

Invest In



Today’s world dictates that individuals prepare themselves for a very changing environment.  The days of spending your entire career at one company are going fast.  You have to take charge of our own personal development.


Personal development does not cease just because we finished our formal education.  Now that you are on a career path in purchasing, you need to maintain your skills and constantly work towards improvement.  You need to continue to Invest in Yourself!


Participating in an association like NAPM-Rochester is a good investment.  The opportunity to build on your personal, purchasing and management skills are readily available.


By doing so, you not only protect your existing position but you also increase your worth to your employer and, most important of all, keep yourself “in the marketplace” when the time comes for that challenging change.

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